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My name is Pavel Penev. On the internet I am known as Lispegistus. I am a simple hacker in the Lisp tradition. I have been studying various lisp dialects for nearly 15 years now, focusing mostly on Common Lisp. This site is where I keep my code and writing.

What is Strange Stack?

Strange Stack is my personal name for Common Lisp and it's ecosystem. While most stacks in popular use today are tailored for the corporate interests of their sponsors or are otherwise blindly following in trends and fads that change with the seasons, Common Lisp sits quietly in the corner and improves year by year, unbothered by the need to impress anyone, the practitioners of this art are rewarded for their study of a long and impressive legacy of engineering with a solid foundation for writing good software. I am honored to be part of this tradition and to help pass it on to new hackers.

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