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My Name is Pavel Penev aka Lispegistus. I currently reside in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have been a professional programmer for over 10 years now and have been fiddling with computers since the very late 90s. I have significant experience with Python, Django and web development in general. I have been studying various lisp dialects since 2008 and have some experience with Scheme and Clojure, but have since focused heavily on Common Lisp and it's ecosystem. I use Emacs and Linux as my development environment and prefer to use Free Software whenever possible.




The Fediverse is a federated social network, you may have heard of one of it's components, Mastodon. See more at While I used to maintain profiles on other social networks, but now I just squat my name on them.]


I use GitHub only for sponsorship and do not host any of my code there because of MS fuckery.]

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