Pavel Penev Curriculum Vitae

Name Pavel Penev
Profession Software Developer
Location Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
Open Source
Pronouns He/Him
Languages Bulgarian(native), English
Keywords Python, Django, Lisp, Clojure, PostgreSQL, Linux, Docker, REST APIs,
  Web Development, Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming


I have been a professional programmer since 2013 and have been programming computers since the late 90s when I was first introduced to Logo programming as a child. I have significant professional experience with Python, Django, Django REST Framework and web development in general, mostly focusing on the backend, but some frontend experience as well. I have been studying various lisp dialects since 2008, I consider myself proficient with Common Lisp and have some experience with Scheme and Clojure/ClojureScript. I have been using Linux as my main operating system and development environment since 2007.

I am proficient with object oriented and functional programming, I strive for good software design, readable code and value good development practices such as code reviews and testing. I work well in small, focused teams. I enjoy learning new things, teaching and mentoring others and generally sharing knowledge.

I am willing to consider offers for part-time employment, contract work or payed mentorship/tutoring.

Professional History:

  • Python Developer, Melon, inc., August 2013 - February 2016

    I took part in multiple projects for several clients, doing work mostly with Django, Django REST Framework and JavaScript. I got to use Docker, InfluxDB, WebSockets, PostgreSQL and Apache Cordova as part of my work.

  • Automation Engineer, Vayant Travel Technologies/PROS Holdings inc., August 2016 - September 2021

    As part of the automation team at Vayant Travel Technologies(later acquired by PROS Holdings inc.) I worked on the internal automation framework used by the Product Development and Quality Assurance teams as well as multiple other internal tools. Most of the work was done in Python, Django, Django REST Framework and JavaScript. I made extensive use of PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and Docker as well.

  • Self-employed September 2021 - Now

    I have since been focusing on Open Source and educational work. I have several areas of active interest among others:

    • The Common Lisp web development ecosystem. Some of the results of my work so far include the Nite Web Framework:, which is still in early stages of development, but aims to be a polished and comprehensive foundation for any sort web based based service.
    • Federated systems and protocols, especially ActivityPub.
    • Producing educational materials for software development.

Notes for prospective clients, employers and recruiters

Due to personal reasons, I am unable to commit to full-time employment for the forseable future. Only part-time employment offers limited to 20 hours per week are considered.

I have no interest in working in fields I consider incompatible with my values or are otherwise harmful to society, including, but not limited to: adtech, cryptocurrencies, mass surveilance or gambling.

I am only willing to consider offers for remote work. I have been successfully and productively working this way for years and see no reason to risk my well-being.

I will not sign contracts with overly broad intellectual property clauses. I consider it a very bad sign if a prospective employer or client deems it appropriate to attempt and claim ownership for work done outside of what I was specifically hired to work on.